Quittin the language

I’m tired of writing in Swedish now. Until yesterday, I was completely convinced that I was really comfortable in it. Then, along with new company, I caught myself using English far more than I usually do. Ever since I started this blog have I tried to stick to one language when I write or talk. That turns out to be impossible. I can never entirely express myself in Swedish, yet I can in English. For me English is like Chinese, one word speaks for a lot more than what several sentences in Swedish can ever tell.

Point being, I feel like my mind and intellect have been growing rapidly lately. Occasionally have I been feeling divided, like something is missing but at the same time, I know I am more fortunate than most. But since my mind has grown so much so fast, it has begun to feel like I, in my physical body, has not moved at all. It has gotten to a point where I do stupid things to myself. Very stupid things, things I never thought I would do. Nothing severe since I have the will to stop. I probably am millimeters away from blasting in a wall like a rocket. As if I was a perfect apple on top of a tree, growing until I rot. Not cool.

I’ll find a way though, I have to. This world has seen nothing of my awesomeness yet.

//c_Cae; you just wait…


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