I just realized I have done something I never wholeheartedly intended to do. Because somewhere along the line, I managed to push the on-button for the firewall to my feelings. So now I’m kind of detached to them. In a way it’s pathetic and at the same time I totally understand why my subconscious did it. Right now I am just struggling to hang on to press the off button. Thank goodness I’ll be going away for an uncertain time and to a place I have only entrusted to a handfull of people. I wish not to be disturbed during my visit there hence only few people will be lucky to have me answering on the other line. Emo? No, this apple has had enough of Malmö and she just needs to grow somewhere else. I will, on the other hand, let you know when I leave.

//c_Cae; watashi wa tsukareta desu ;(


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