Obstacles are checkpoints

We all have people that we at some point in life had to part from and it’s either been hard or it’s been really easy to do so. Lately, due to a lot of issues I have to deal with, I’ve been thinking a lot of mine. There are a few out there who have done a significant amount of damage to my personal life but I choose not to blame them nor myself. It all happened for a reason and here I am smarter than ever. Though occasionally, like now, I like to think of them. I wonder how they are doing and how much of their dreams they’ve achieved. Perhaps it is silly but I always wish for them to be happy. Unlike them, I have no time, energy or space to curse.

Only until recently have I realized that all of them have been obstacles for me. Obstacles that have been preparing me for the next one. And I can’t help but think of how difficult and important it is for save points (think early Final Fantasy) before a critical event in the game. Frankly, I can’t see it yet. I can’t see why I had to go through all of that crap except that it made me stronger and turned me into the person I am today cause I really don’t think I deserved all of it. Anyhow, if I ever catch any one of my precious friends be among those jerks, I’ll hand out a warning and then let you do whatever pleases you. After all, one has got to know what it is like to be burnt to learn.

//from wise-ass Cae, live in Malmö


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