The group work in action

I love how everyone in my group work so well together. More or less, we’re three strangers united by our interest in coral reefs. The most interesting part is that we all work in the same pace and we think alike. We pitch our ideas and everyone engages on how to have the work done. Just that feels great since past experiences have always meant solitary work of a member with the group taking all credit.

The fact that we’re supposed to hold a lecture from all the research we’ll do during the past 10 days, is not scary at all. In fact, I look forward to it. I’ll probably stutter a bit but I’ll shove in a joke or two to make people laugh and remember what is said. There’s a lot to prepare so I’ll get back to this whenever I find the time to cause what awaits after the publishing of this post, are several scientific reports and papers I have to read and summarize. Thank god I’m smart.

//c_Cae; lecture prep!


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