Lecture went

Smoothly! I’m so proud of the group! And I even amazed myself on how much I’ve improved. I remembered everything I had to say and even if I was stuttering just a little bit with the numbers, it was fine. I even managed to joke about stuff and didn’t even take a look at my notes or stare at the screen/computer. Though mostly, I’m proud of how well I managed to turn my nervousness into awesomeness. Lately, I’ve been doing that a lot, turning uncomfortable feelings into comfortable ones so I’ll be able to focus better. I have yet to find out if it is a win-strategy or not…

It makes me really curious of how it was judged since the professor took notes and will mail us his feedback. I have a hunch on what I probably need to improve but that’s alright. For being my very first lecture, it was really well-done. So now I’ll have to find a subject interesting enough for me to work on. Hopefully, I’ll get to hold a mini-lecture about that one.

//c_Cae; I just might consider becoming a lecturer…


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