Stirring things up

By some miracle commonly known as being stubborn, I finally managed to correct the remaining parts of the group work report. For now, I’ll give it a rest after two weeks of intense work.

For some reason, I decided to watch some documentaries today and ended up with The Ocean and The Cove. The Cove totally broke my heart like nothing else ever have. I recommend it to all who are offended by the whaling around the world. It’s inspiration and hard facts. One day, I’ll make a difference too but for now I need to get my MSc first. Anyway, the impact of the documentaries entirely crushed my feelings for the human species. We all know the cruelty is there but it’s not until you witness it, that it really gets to you. Honestly, I have never cried so much for anything until I saw this. At least one thing is confirmed after this experience and that is that my love for the ocean and cetaceans (whales overall) is unchanged since the age of 8.

It’s been three hours or more since I saw it and the images and the sounds of despair is echoing in my head as I feel how my eyes have swollen up due to the crying. I could watch it again and still feel the same way but instead of putting my energy on crying, I’m going to focus harder on my MSc and then do something about it. Something like beating the ignorance out of people…

//c_Cae; The cove – well spent minutes and if you ask me, I’d say watch it and if you still think humans are the best thing on the planet – seriously, think again!


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