What to do now?

I’m so tired. I want to do something but I know I’m not capable of doing anything in this zombie state. I want to read my pile of reports and summarize the lectures but even typing like this is exhausting.

I’ll probably shower and try to sleep to the sounds of the tv and a DotA game. My every day life. Hopefully, I won’t be woken up at 7 by phone calls, I was today several times. Maybe that is the reason why I am so tired. I need to finish my project too so tomorrow, I’ll find time to make a plan and then execute it like crazy. I think I even want to bring my laptop to my grandma’s birthday party. It’s probably not appreciated but if I have to, I have to. Also gotta find time to try find my graduation pictures to send to my godmother. I can’t believe she didn’t get any… Inexcusable, so I’m gonna correct it.

Hopefully I will also find the time to plan my future too. Need to talk to some people and save money for my diver’s license.

//c_Cae; the BBC Oceans series is totally taking my breath away


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