A day with Sabella

I literally crawled out of bed 0620 to get to the central station in time and head for Helsingborg today. It all went well and we were really lucky with the weather. I also got a compliment shower for being me, which was great. No one dislikes compliments, I just never thought I’d hear that much from so many people after such a short time together. I keep impressing myself.

As for the individual project, it’s moving forward and so has the deadline! That means more time to study for the exam and that is awesome. And apparently, I’d fit in in southern CA. Cool, that means I need to go there. That and that I can rent a neat car for little money over the weekend. Time for my first speeding ticket perhaps?

//c_Cae; to hear that I’m not like the other Swedes is the best compliment ever!


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