That’s how my brain feels like when it doesn’t want to escape the studies for the exam. I think I’m pretty set for it now and for that reason am I being the lazy bum I actually am, listening to Wish You Were Here like it’s the only drug I got (and it is). I just wish the exam was a part of my past instead a part of my future cause then I would relax. I guess it has its reasons to be in my future. Read a great post about trust just before I settled and became one with my chair. Unfortunately, it’s in Swedish and I’m too lazy to even have Google translating it for you, not that many of you follow this thing like an addiction.

Anyhow, taking a break from studies is the best thing I’ve done this week. Now I just got to hear “two lost souls swimming in a fish bowl” a few hundred times before I am satisfied.

//c_Cae; fish and nutrient cycles and flows and currents and bacteria and kleptoparatism!


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