First article published!

Spent an entire night reading a manga that totally caught my attention: King of Thorn. After that I probably dreamt a lot about it and ended up writing a review for WeAreArcade and got it published tonight. Fun work and I think I like it. Need to write two more and hopefully, they’re published by Friday. Few more reviews, little more feedback and then I can consider myself a writer of some kind. No money yet but it’ll earn me credits and that’s always good. I just need to wait for my final evaluation on the course. Hoping for a high pass now, already got 2 outta 4 so I think I’ll most definitely get a high pass on the course. If I do, I’ll celebrate with sushi for lunch, steak for dinner and an awesome night with the class. And if you’ll excuse me, I have two reviews and a script to write. Taa~~

//c_Cae; we’re just two lost souls… oh the sweet love music makes. Right! I’ll accept money donations for my 25th birthday gift!


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