I have to spill it out

No, it’s not juicy gossip. Lately, there has been a lot of drama around me. I haven’t personally paid attention to it but it has caught my attention a few times because it simply cannot be helped. I’m allergic to drama and call me mean or whatever, but I fight drama with solutions, not more drama. If you’re looking for a drama queen, look elsewhere cause I’m not her.

Anyway, the most that has caught my attention is that many couples in my surroundings all seem to be “taking a break”. I don’t know what that means to other people but for me it means the same as walking out the door – break-up in denial. My point is, if you can’t solve your couple problems (or whatever the drama is about) as a couple, what makes you think you’ll solve it on your own? ‘Nuff said.

//c_Cae; man, that felt good to write <3


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