Write right?

Been writing a lot lately! First all the reports, the reviews, the script and then two more reviews. I like it cause I get to evolve as a writer but the thought of having nothing to do during the weekend just hit me. What am I going to do? I don’t want to sit around and do nothing cause that drives me crazy. I think I know. I’m going to go somewhere quiet, lit shitloads of candles, play some great music (read Pink Floyd) and read my book.

My classmates convinced me that the Twilight book series are great and I can’t deny it anymore after all these people trying to make me read it (yes, that includes you too Eve). Haven’t gotten through the first chapter yet cause I fell asleep on the train heading to Malmö… But I am still going to deny all the movies! And I’m free on Monday! Means more candles and more reading! Maybe some writing too.

//c_Cae; read write, right?


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