What a week

It started out with electrofishing and that went great if one disregards the sudden rain, wind and insane current. When I got home I was met with a really sad face. My mom told me our smallest baby angel fish died. I felt like something heavy dropped on my chest. It’s always sad when a pet dies and I guess it hurts a little extra when you raised it from roe to 8 months. It really sucks that it died, especially when we managed to keep the mortality down (92 of 111).

But the week continued and now I’m stuck with math problems to solve. I haven’t had any advanced math in 5 years and you can bet that I returned all my knowledge back to my teacher the second I graduated high school. A little stuck but after 5 years it fades.

Right now, I’m so incredibly bored. I want to go out but there is no one I want to hang out with. All the people I want to hang out with are either busy or too far away as usual. I want to read yet I don’t. I feel like I want to finish the books but I don’t want to overload my brain. What a dilemma…

From looking like this in April 2010

To eye-candy October 2010

Imagine how much this broke my heart and multiply it a few ten times… Mini <3

The catch from Tuesday’s electrofishing event. We even got a pike!

//c_Cae; crazy hunting rushes run through the veins after a while of electrofishing, trust me…


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