Finally over!

The group work from hell is finally over. Ever since the course started have my nerves and patience been tested to the outer most limits. It is a comfort that I have the final project to look forward to, then I will work with people I like and they are actually cool when it comes to team work. Together everyone achieves more after all.

Anyway I accepted the job offer in Hudiksvall again and I’m heading off to the northern parts of Sweden the 13th while I work with the final project. It’ll be interesting how I pull off 10h of work and a few (read 5-6h) of school work the first days. Luckily I get to head home on Christmas Eve to eat dinner with my family. Hopefully there will be no major delays like last time.

So this week I have my fourth article published and I am really proud of myself being able to pull all of this off. Sure I didn’t get to sleep last night and I got to hear people bitching about them lacking sleep when they slept 10h… I never expected people at university level to complain about such trivial stuff but apparently they do and they seem to need nurturing which I think is totally out of place. Oh well, there are better things in life for me to attend than their neediness. Like sushi, steak and love.

//c_Cae; however fun it is to boss people around it pisses me off when people still won’t do what they’re supposed to do despite given very specific and detailed information for their tasks…


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  1. ego…yes

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