Paper jungle

Because of certain circumstances, I currently have no desk where I can work which has resulted in me inhabiting the dinner table during working hours and late nights. Around my computer there is always an uncertain amount of paper spread everywhere making it look like my laptop has this defensive moat of paper around it. Of course, there is the water bottle functioning as a guard tower if you’d like. In this mess is a little Chinese girl trying to get by all the stuff she tosses herself into.

School is great despite the huge lack of sleep. I think I seriously need to take it easier considering I almost fell down the escalators last Friday without tripping or anything, I was just standing there and all of a sudden gravity wanted to test me. Luckily I didn’t fall but it should be taken as a warning of how my body is coping with my Autobahn speed.

Went ice skating with a few friends this weekend and that went well considering I haven’t skated since high school. I didn’t fall even once and except from the momentary pains in my calf muscles I am fine.  Aside from that, I have a new review coming up and a lot of personal events approaching. This’ll be fun.

//c_Cae; to fix a problem you first have to find out where it origins and take it from there. I should seriously start listening to myself more


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