Break from Excel

Was drifting around in cyberspace when I took a break from Excel and found a very old picture from 2007 of me and my then co-workers. My god did we have fun even though we had to wake up 5 every morning to terrorize people with the mini-newspaper. It was fun while it lasted but now we’ve all moved on and a few of us don’t even greet when we bump into each other. Some are on the other side of the planet and some have gone and become parents.

Oh well, I should return to my forsaken exercise.

I don’t know if others can see this but for me, I have changed a lot since then and I really mean a lot. I guess we all did. Or maybe not the girl next to me (who’s a distant relative btw, stupid China genes) but still…

//c_Cae; I remember it was still dark when I went to work in the blistering cold and one morning, Södervärn was covered in like half a meter of snow…


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