Finally done with the calculations and the report is somewhat started. Feels good but this weird feeling tells me the report will not be something easy to pull off, so the question is: Do I or do I not want to get up tomorrow morning and stay in school and write it?

I should get up and write it but not early since I figured I’d write the review for WAA before I even start to attempt my assumptions and advice. We’ll see how this goes. Next week I’m off to the beloved town Hudiksvall. Oh the smoke-free land, how I have missed you so.

Here’s a little preview of what I have been doing the past ten days. Multiply this with about 25 times, divided in two working documents and add at least 10 sheets to it. Oh, don’t forget the frustration over the poor instruction script…

//c_Cae; damn this calculation to the deepest part of hell!


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