On the way

Once again, I am heading north for a job. Still in Hudiksvall like this summer that passes so quickly. Same salon, same people. I thought it’d be a little better to have mom drop me off at the central station and waving me off, but it wasn’t as easy. Leaving Malmö central station was as heavy as last time I went. As the train accelerated, it felt like my heart was ripped out due to the high velocity. And I did leave it there with mom and my half. And the fish and my bro.

It’s funny how much I want to leave and yet I would love to stay here. I guess I have to take everyone with me. I know my mom would follow me. Who wouldn’t want to leave and have one’s dream come true without any effort? I want to so I try harder to reach the high goals I’ve set myself. And I will pull it off.

The only thing I forgot to do was to say goodbye to my fish. I’ll miss them but in the meantime I will just have to settle for the pictures and videos mom and I made last week and the weeks before that. It’s barely 1500 and it is already getting dark outside. It is as if the sunshine from this morning have long been gone and I forgot to take my vitamin D, darn it. Gotta keep myself entertained before I switch trains in Stockholm. For now I’ll just eat, read some stuff and wait for time to pass. Luckily I bought the fourth Twilight book.

I even attempted to watch the movies. The acting was horrible and I hate that they don’t display the feelings that you get from the books. Maybe it is too hard or maybe it was never interpreted the same way as I did when I read the books. Anyway, my favorite is still Alice and I have never been on Team Edward, not even before I read the books. Alright, I need to eat before I start chewing my lips off. Imagine if I had no lips? Geez, I’d be more of a freak than I already am!

//c_Cae; I’ll update when I can, hopefully more often than I have this week.


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