The piles of snow here are around 2m high which is awesome. This is real snow, not like the Scanian wannabe snow. Here I don’t even trip and I actually want to be outside and build an igloo. Stupid word is stuck in my head now. 6 more days and then I can go back to where heart is. Feels nice although I’d like to stay here a little longer because of the snow.

What I don’t get is that people complain about the cold and wind when there’s barely any wind and I do fine without exaggerating on my clothing. Customers said today that it was really windy and my hair didn’t even flinch when I was out. It’s funny how definitions differ from just being 855km from home.

Work is alright. There’s an intern there and she’s kind of nice to talk to although she does nothing. Other than that there’s nothing much to say really. Except eee-gloo and 6 more days! Off to call mom. Taa~~

//c_Cae; tagged along on another project again… yet to be revealed! can’t say anything until the date of release which is Dec 22 2010… Just wait for it!


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