Here and there

It’s chaos at home, so I’ve heard. The snow here is just awesome. It even reflects the people that live here. It’s white and not at all covered in dust and debris from cars and whatever comes to mind when pollution is mentioned. It’s pure.

Looking at the snow on my uncle’s tiny balcony gives me peace and inspiration yet it reminds me of the past 3 years. How much have I grown? How many choices have I made? At this point, I’d say I’m even more mature than I have ever been. Adult thoughts along with adult decisions are being made as I write. It also came to mind of all the people I chose not to keep in my life. It occurred to me that although they were the ones saying ‘Fuck it’, I was still the one making the choice of not trying anymore. It feels good although I sometimes miss the times we had. Time flies and friends and foes come and go. Geez, that’s a lot of ‘ands’ in one sentence.

My ginger honey tea is getting cold and I have still not managed to write on the project. I hate bad scripts. I rather write them myself and know what is in there. And know that when other people read it, they would understand. The script I got now is as clear as mud and I have little motivation to write it. Though if I write it and finish it off today, I can tag along to Sundsvall tomorrow and enjoy some shopping in Birsta City – probably the best mall in Sweden. Fuck off NK and Entré, they’re both jokes in comparison to Birsta.

Anyway, I haven’t really gotten homesick yet. I think it’s because of the snow. It makes me wonder why. And who really reads this. Leave a comment of whatever, not just an IP… If you’re too scared of letting me know who you are, you might as well just stop reading this.

Off to write then!

//c_Cae; soon I can move further in my writing career. This. Is. Awesome.


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