2 days left!

It’s weird how I don’t really want to leave here but I have to. I need to go back to Malmö for several reasons.

1. Party!
2. Family & Christmas = a have to since I already spent a lot of money on the gifts…
3. Already promised people to come home.
4. I miss my mom and my half – that is reason enough to go back.

Although these four things are important, there are also things that keeps me from looking forward to the trip home. One might think a snow covered country like Sweden would actually be prepared for a harsh winter but no. Most trains are delayed and even cancelled. I sure hope mine just leaves. I don’t care when I arrive as long as I get there. Bucking up with a lot of food and water (and gifts) and I’m all set.

I wanted to post a picture but my iPhone is rebellious so that is a no go. Also Twitter is a giant bag of ass so I can’t post it there either… Anyways, I hope dinner is ready now. My food is growling worse than Bigfoot.

//c_Cae; updates are to come!


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