Summing up 2010

Let’s see if I can get this straight. According to wordpress itself, I have never been so popular (I’ve been here for what? A year?). I frankly do not care about statistics, especially those without real back-up. Not showing me real numbers and what they are based upon does not touch my attention any more than the existence of an ant that happened to walk next to my foot.

Honestly speaking, I have no real memory of what happened this year. For me it has been a lot of work, jumping on projects everywhere, more work and then there was school. I barely remember having fun with friends except those times I went to Bo01 to spend the day with crazy chicks and family barbecue dinners.

All I really know is what I want to do this year. I have big plans. And it’s not just a few plans, they’re many. I like it. I like how I managed to decide on all of these plans that used to be so dim. One of these plans are to make this blog more interesting. I don’t know how yet but I’ll get there.

Although I do not really remember a lot of 2010 except work, there is something I need to highlight. I am really proud to have been able to stay out of drama. It feels liberating to not have to worry about drama that doesn’t even include me. It might seem boring to some but I like it and I have not even once found it boring. It’s just nice not to have to be involved in ridiculous matters that aren’t even significant to oneself.

And there will be changes in my life this year. I got a great feeling to it and I was right about 2010 being shitloads better than 2009 so why wouldn’t 2011 be better than  2010? I’m out for now friends and foes.

//c_Cae; I tweet a lot more now too


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