Too short

Not me but the weekends feel like they’re too short. I have barely had any breaks since before Christmas and now my body says no. I almost fell asleep at today’s lecture which was really interesting.

Friday should not be mentioned in details but the dinner party encore was a success. However I do feel that I need to improve my chicken Parmesan. And maybe learn how to make suffles? I’ve caught myself wanting to improve my cooking skills. At least after I’ve seen numerous episodes of Master Chef USA/Australia.

All I wanted to do Saturday was to sleep but ended up running so many errands, I didn’t eat until close to midnight. Such a bad move for my tummy. Yesterday was alright. Although the talks about babies lately and actually hanging out with two tiny ones did make my stupid clock tick like hell. Fuck me. Backwards. If you hear smashing sounds anywhere near you, it’s me trying to shut that clock up :]

//c_Cae; *tick tock tick tock*


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