Happy commercial day!

Another Valentine. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not bitter at all. I just think it’s wrong to concentrate all the love you got into manifesting it on one day. Just showing it 365 days a year is hard enough (but totally worth it) and you’re supposed to do all of that on one day? No wonder guys (or whoever has the biggest balls in the house) feel pressured.

I’m not that girly and although I hate admitting it (hah and I do it on my blog) there’s a little girl in my head that wants flowers and kisses every now and then. Kisses I get and hugs too but so far no flowers. And I totally forgot to buy flowers on the way home. Darn it. I’ll just enjoy my tea, take care of my mom and maybe get a dinner reservation with a few girl friends soon?

//c_Cae; feel the love, every day!


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