Another step

I’d never do anything without thorough planning and have any outcome figured out in my head along with the actions best suited for each situation. Sometimes it makes me feel like a captive, like I can never leave my comfort zone. And yesterday it occurred to me that I can’t always keep it up cause I would end up living in regret so I took, a bit cowardly if not careful, that leap of fate and we’ll see what happens.

This decision has been lingering in my head for quiet a while now and since there is not much executed in the plan I will not reveal or jinx anything. However I can tell that it is something I planned to do this year. We’ll see just how soon it’ll be taken into the well-deserved light. I must admit that it feels nervy and I hate to admit it but it totally earns me a lot of adult points. I still don’t want to be entirely grown up so I’ll spend the rest of the day being a 5 year old. A 5 year old stuck with zoology literature at a university level. By the way, how do you get the Natural History Museum in London to let you stay there until your curiosity to be satisfied?

School is alright and right now I am too nervous to study. Today was supposed to be the day they announce who won the contest for the internship in Kenya. I really want to go but my head seem to be the pessimist and my gut tells me you don’t know until they announce it and that good things happen to good people. We’ll see how it goes. If it doesn’t go that well, I’ll just apply for the Sea Shepard or something. Maybe go volunteer for The Cove crew?

//c_Cae; time to study!


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