Changing little by little

I have been thinking so much these days. I’ve reflected over what I want and how to get there. What differs from past times when I’ve drown in my own thoughts is that I’ve actually taken immediate. For example I felt like I lacked motivation around me to reach my goal so I changed a little in my surroundings. It’s been tiny things such as changing my wallpaper on my computer desktop into the beautiful skyline of Brisbane – my future home. There’s a certain magic to it. I don’t know what to call it, I’ve never been down under but there’s something within me that tells me I need to go there cause that’s where I’m supposed to be. Hard to explain but let’s call it my inner calling.

I came across an interesting article in a Swedish newspaper today. It stated that the length of your index and middle finger could tell a lot about your life. For example: if your index finger was longer than your middle finger, it could mean the following:

  • that you’d have a higher chance of getting breast cancer (if you’re a woman duh)
  • higher chance of suffering from heart diseases
  • a probability of being more attracted to men than women regardless of your gender
  • more susceptible of allergies, skin anomalies and fever (what the hell?)
  • more likely to keep a job and become rich
  • more likely to live longer

And if it happens to be that your middle finger is longer than your index finger, the following should apply:

  • easier to become aggressive
  • higher probability of developing prostate cancer, if you are a man (again, duh)
  • more likely to get into jail, murdered (what the…) or develop some kind of drug abuse
  • better chances of making a career within military, engineering, philosophy or as a chess player (is it me or are these kind of signs of a psychopath?)
  • a probability of being more attracted to women than men regardless of your gender
  • easier to become successful in playing a musical instrument
  • easier to perform physical activities

Hm, it seems to me that this newspaper wants to label all longer index fingers as bad things. It’s weird this whole article. I need to rest my eyes now before my head hurts again. It’s nice to be two eyed again! Arr!


Freak like me!

//c_Cae; pirate-Cae is no more!


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