Working those brain cells

Gosh! My eye just recovered and it’s almost 100% functional except for when I forget and touch it (that’s when it hurts). I never learn… Anyway my notes are growing as I review all the lectures and the highlights are almost so yellow I can’t tell them apart from my hand. Bad Cae! Or maybe I’m too efficient in jotting down the most important thing?

That’s how I do it. I write down the most important on the lectures, then highlight it on whatever handout we get. Once I get home, I summarize the most important of the important things from the day. Before the exam, I do the exact same thing with the already summarized notes. No wonder stuff sticks to my brain and everything turns yellow. I should get a new high lighter.

//c_Cae; the return of the bookworm!


One response to “Working those brain cells

  1. Hehe… Lycka till Helena med allt plugg! Det kommer gå galant! :)

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