Brain meltdown

Second exam check! My brain is not working properly but I’m alright because it was sunny and awesome today. Even with the laundry I was dancing and singing like there was no tomorrow. It felt good! But my brain is still not managing well as it is still rebooting from all the studying I’ve done the past weeks.

I remember once talking about how weird kids’ shows on TV are and that a friend once stated that the writers must have been on something to come up with story-lines like that. And here I was, finding a cooking show with Charlie Sheen. I seriously thought it was a joke but no. Watch and judge yourselves.

Except from the exam, I had an awesome afternoon with Tina. I miss hanging out with her. Too bad our schedules clash so often but once we hang out, it’s like we never left each other. I love having friends like that. So a fika at our usual place and bam! It’s on!

//c_Cae; “I got a pocket, got a pocket full of sunshine~”


One response to “Brain meltdown

  1. Åh, älskar Pronto! :D

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