Today has been a good day. Although it’s really grey and rainy outside, there is nothing that could bring me down today. At least it felt like it until I almost fell asleep during the lecture. Also I walked into the buss door this morning – less great but I ended up laughing about it. People stared but they probably didn’t understand that I laugh at it because they would probably not do the same if they did what I did.

During lunch, I read the paper and I cried. The disaster in Japan has struck hard on its people and although we all know that they’ll rise up again as if they were never broken, that day is yet to come. People are running away from the radioactive air and even volunteers are evacuated. And in this confusing and chaotic time, there are a few technicians that remains in Fukushima that risk their lives to save millions. For these heroes hidden in silence, clouded by the media’s focus on other news – I salute thee.

Their courage is what stopped my crying. But whenever I looked at this picture below, my tear canals were unstoppable. It shows a crying woman that holds the hands of her dead mother. If the picture doesn’t say what she feels then I don’t know what does. Moreover her daughter is still missing. Imagine her despair and imagine this happens anywhere any day before you complain about your wet canvas shoes.

//c_Cae; do whatever you can to contribute helping others, you never know when that good will will come back to you


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