I never liked plants much. The only thing that really interested me were the photosynthesis and algae. But this new course has made me curious for each lecture. Sure, my eye is still messed up and I have spent most my Sunday in bed due to the pain. Painkillers aren’t working so all I do is rest. Try to at least. Even in bed I want to grab those books and summarize everything. Passionate? Yes.

During the lab on Friday I realized how some structures in a plant cell look like a hybrid of a clown and an alien. And it had me thinking. Whoever was first to write fiction about aliens must have been a botanist or known. Judge yourselves. The picture below is an actual picture taken as seen in a microscope. Don’t remember what species of plant it is though.

Anyway, my plans are still in the making and I can’t reveal them just yet… With great patience comes great joy right?
Right now, there’s not much going on to be honest. And frankly, I have nothing to write about than pure nonsense and idiot quotes I hear in the lecture halls. Quotes like biology students (being serious) saying: There’s an L in the word biology?! And it’s in the middle?!
First I thought it was just me being tired and started hearing things but then a course mate confirmed what I heard and it blew me away. I knew stupidity existed everywhere but to this extent? It’s freaky. Alright, I better get a move on with the studies now that my eye isn’t hurting. Over and out!

//c_Cae; I miss sunny days and a latte at Victor’s in Lilla Torg…


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