Dinner for schmucks?

Today I met up with Dan and we took a great walk in the sun. Although it was still a bit cold, it was nice to be outside without complaining about the snow or greyness that has been in our surroundings for much too long. Since we didn’t plan any specific activity, we just walked around aimlessly (at least I did as the confused person I can be) and ended up at Gustav Adolfs Torg. What I saw there on the windows of Burger King amazed me.

“Who on this planet would take their partner to Burger King for dinner and say it’s romantic?!” Yes, my friend did point out that I have indeed went out with such a person but we all know that relationship did not work out well. I mean who would put up with “romantic” dinners at Burger King? It’s like looking for a dress for a gala at Wal-Mart. Impossible! So I took a picture of it and decided to bitch a little about it here. But seriously, what retard takes their dates on a romantic dinner to a place like Burger King? And no, McDonald’s isn’t better.

If you can't see it (and know Swedish), the top line says: "Your evening menu becomes much more romantic at Burger King"If you can’t see it (and know Swedish), the top line says: “Your evening menu becomes much more romantic at Burger King”

So after a few moments of being amazed and dropping my chin to the ground because of this poster, we went on for the very first ice cream of the year. I know, I usually eat that when it’s a snow storm outside just to have the first one among the people I know but this winter was not a nice one. Especially when you’re 850km away from home. Anyhow, although the wind was cold, we enjoyed our “lunch” and kept walking. If you’re ever in Malmö and crave ice cream or just want to add a good memory (because let’s face it, this town is boring) to your visit, get your ass to Lilla Glassfabriken (Google Earth will show you how). They make their own ice cream and the place is just awesome. Only suckers think Ben&Jerry’s ice cream beats the ice cream of Lilla Glassfabriken (sorry babes).

Oh yeah! I also bought new shoes today! They’re for the running and biking I do but they’re really awesome! No more biking in terribly worn out Converse!

//c_Cae; Hit me with your best shot, sunshine!


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