It used to be an adventure

All of today, there’s been kids greeting me all the time with their innocent smiles and cute waving. They made my day and so during laundry I thought about when I was a kid.

When I was around 8 laundry was always an adventure. The whole family would go down to do all the chores that only me and my mom do today. My siblings and I always found it scary to walk in the basement to get to the laundry machines. For us, it was like a maze with dark mysterious doors. Back then it never occurred to us that behind those doors were electric centrals for elevators, garbage rooms and the like. Whenever we heard sounds from those doors, we’d scare each other and tell the others that there’d be monsters lurking. That always ended up with us running to mom and dad.

Dad always went to empty the machines whereas my sister and I pretended the laundry board to be an ice cream machine. My sister and I always had that ice cream for free and always pretended to charge our two year old brother too much. It was always fun until our parents wanted us near them in case we wanted to do something stupid. So we always raced to where mom and dad were but always ended up bored cause we were too young to help. I remember I always wanted to iron whatever could be ironed (yes, I already found it awesome to have neatly ironed stuff) but dad would always say no because the note on the machine clearly stated one had to be 18 to handle it. And when I turned to mom, she would let me fold clothes and cloths but she always had to redo them since I could never make them as even as she did. I probably ended up folding the same piece of cloth over and over again after not getting it right the first times, delaying everything.

Looking back now, it’s weird how I do all the ironing I always wanted to do as a child. To think that I was so much like Monica even back then. ¬†Witness and uh, react?



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