The Final Fantasy Marlboro in a microscope?

Today’s lab was as I expected – something really simple with a lot of waiting. I think at best we were busy for maybe 3 hours out of the 8.5h that we spent in the lab. We actually conducted two where one involved potatoes and osmosis (grad school lab!) while the other one involved the opening and closing of plant stoma. After several minutes of counting these tiny openings that regulates gas flow (and other important processes in the leaf) they seriously started to look like something else. At first I thought I was going crazy but when I got home and checked it out on Google, the resemblance was right there! Let me show you.

First the stoma of a leaf extremely enlarged:
And then the Marlboro from the Final Fantasy series:

I know I’m somewhat of a Final Fantasy freak but am I the only one seeing where the design might have came from?

//c_Cae; is getting too serious with plants


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