They met inside a camel

Yesterday at the dinner table, my sister’s imagination was once proven limitless. My siblings tend to have the most (un)usual topics of their conversations when we eat. So yesterday was about a friend of my brother.
My brother told us his parents come from opposite sides of China (geographically that is). So I wondered how they met and the following is what my sister’s fantastic mind comes up with.

“They must’ve met at a refugee camp! You know, in  the middle of the Chinese desert when they tried to get to Sweden? I think that they had these camels they killed during each night (me: what the fuck?), gutted and spent the cold nights inside. And so one day they met and it was love obviously and that night they killed two camels and made a camel tent of the gutted animal. That’s how they met!”

Apparently, camels bring people together!

Really? Personally, I have no clue what goes on in that head of hers but it makes our dinners a bit more lively. We’ll see what she makes up today.

//c_Cae; *think of something clever! think of something clever!*



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