My inner nerd and Hikaru Sulu

Yesterday was incredible! Nothing huge happened but I was a little bundle of yellow energy. You could even call me a little sunshine. First of all, I saw a bunch of Priuses on my way to school (still refusing to use prii as a plural as the Toyota Prius fanpage says you should). When at school I was so tired I almost fell asleep! But that was mended with a strong cup of coffee.

The lecturer had us introduce ourselves with one associating keyword and tell the class why we’re getting a degree in biology. For me it was obvious – I’m a fish freak, where else should I be if not the ocean? And if the path of a biology is not a part of getting there, what is? Apparently I am the only marine biologist there but I’m fine with it because we all got our dreams and I can’t make everyone pursue my dream. After all, it is mine. That little gesture made the rest of the day so much easier.

Getting off the bus in Malmö had me smiling all the way. I think I smiled at every stranger as I would to anyone I know. It felt specially good when people smiled back. I don’t know why it’s so hard for some to smile… When I got home I saw a request of sharing a video of George Takei (if you don’t know him, you can’t say you like scifi). I watched it, found it hilarious and cute so I shared it. I had no idea my already awesome Wednesday could get better. I mean I felt so good, I volunteered to do some serious studying.
Later that evening, I get a notification on Facebook. My first thought was: “Who spammed my wall?”. I was so wrong. George Takei himself liked my status. I’m still wtf-ing at it…

And yes, it is his official site that he runs himself. Here’s proof.

//c_Cae; my inner nerd is rejoicing!


One response to “My inner nerd and Hikaru Sulu

  1. Tack för dina söta kommentarer. Härligt att Leia gjorde din morgon :)
    Kul att le mot alla, jag brukar oftast va glad och trevligt mot alla jag träffar (typ mannen på pressbyrån). Jag tror att det gör deras dagar bättre för det gör iaf min dag bättre om någon är trevlig o glad mot mig :)

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