30 day challenge

I am so bored that I’m gonna do what I never intended to do here. To those close to me, you know I love challenges and you know I’m somewhat of a control-freak so I might as well combine it. Among the blogs I follow every day, there is one in particular that cheers me up 90% of the time (Swedish though). We used to work as colleagues but kind of drifted apart because life happened. Anyway, she put up this challenge and I thought I’d pick it up too. I mean a lot of things that are going on in my life have yet to see the light here and I’d like to have something to blog about. This might cheer things up until I can get official with my plans. Well, they aren’t mine entirely but enough said!

So the challenge is to do something and post it every day for 30 days. Sounds easy but I doubt it is once I get to it. Anyhow, the challenge is originally in Swedish and since I gave up writing in that language quite some time ago I’ll just translate it.

Day 01 – A newly taken photo of yourself (Photo by: sparkling-eyes) and 15 interesting facts about you.

15 facts is a lot. This will take me a while…

1. Very afraid of heights.
2. Love fish more than anything. Seriously. Sometimes even more than food and that’s A LOT for a glutton like me.
3.  Love spontaneous people but hate not to follow my own planning…
4. A fan of Japanese pop culture.
5. Absolutely adores cooking.
6. Thinks of cleaning as a way of relaxing myself.
7. Is very committed to campaigning for sustainable food.
8. Believes that there is balance and reason in everything.
9. Would love to be able to dance but has the mobility of a truck in a narrow street.
10. Has awful balance.
11. Can manage 4 conversations at once.
12.  Will most likely not get a licence for motorcycles. I will merge with it.
13. Being too girly (Think Witherspoon in Legally Blonde) freaks me out.
14. I have more male friends than gal pals.
15. Loves finding solutions to problems.

Okay, that wasn’t that bad. It only took me 13minutes to make that list. Wonder what’s next? So do I. I’ll check in with the next part of the list tomorrow. I gotta go study the sex life of plants now. Yay *not*

//c_Cae; feel like your sexlife is boring? Read about how plants have sex, you’ll feel like you’re leagues ahead…


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