The challenge – day 02

Day 02 – The reason behind your blog name

At the time I started blogging back in 2004 (yes I started before the hype) I was convinced my music taste would never change. So during all those times I tried to find a nickname to use in various social networks around the internet, I always tried to associate it with something I liked. During 2004 I discovered Linkin Park, hence the LP part of my nickname LPsSakura as it should be spelled. Sakura is indeed the annoying character from the anime Naruto. I didn’t choose this nickname myself, I just happened to cut my hair the exact same why the anime character did at the same time as that episode aired. I didn’t even know what Naruto was at that time (I started watching then though…). But my high school classmates started calling me Sakura and they still are.

So simply put, LPsSakura is just the put together of LP’s Sakura – the cherry blossom of Linkin Park. Cheesy huh? Don’t blame you. The 2004 version of me is like Windows Vista – an epic failure of common sense. And that’s the story of my blog name.

//c_Cae is so much cooler than my old blog name but WP won’t let me change it


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