The challenge – day 11

Day 11 – What upsets you?

Many things upsets me in indescribable ways, such things can include infidelity, pollution, pouching and abuse. Most things that upset me are either things I am really passionate about, like the environment, or things that I have witnessed or gone through. What upsets me the most right now is all the pollution and ignorance. For example; being able to have sustainable food everywhere is an issue and it never ceases to amaze me of how people seem ignorant about it. Sometimes people even say things like: We humans have always done things that way so why would it lead us to our doom now?
Really? We haven’t always done things the way we do know. Just look at the cod collapse in Canada in the 90s. Our equipment has improved and therefore the catch numbers have increased. What I think is a huge factor in all industries is ignorance. Ignorance of how valuable and vulnerable our planet really is. It’s not like fish just hatch and grow big over a day, they can take years and sometimes they grow even slower than us humans. And it’s not like chickens, cows and pigs don’t feel pain because “they’re just animals”. Visit and if you’re still not convinced. Also check out and @SeaSaver (twitter).


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