Thirsty Thursday

Gosh it has gotten hot these days! I’m not complaining but it has made me consume more water than usual and I am still struck with headaches. Not cool!

So I can reveal a little of my plans now and I thought I’d share at least a little after being cryptic for so long. As noticed, I’ve picked up on my reviewing again. Not that I ever stopped but I just haven’t had any requests or jobs given to me. That is to change though as my friend in England is sending over promos for me to review. I got the message that it was to be sent out today so let us hope that it will cross the Nordic Sea safely. I can’t express in words how excited I am about this. I love being a part of a giant plan and honestly, I play whatever role given to me pretty well. I just need to decide whether or not to join in a podcasting.

I feel like I have to figure that out but for now I really have to focus on my studies. I’ve grown to like plans. It’s weird but I think it is because I feel like I actually learn something new instead of just sitting there thinking: Gosh, please tell me something I don’t know already.

Anyways, sorry about the bad update rate. Unfortunately I won’t be able to mend this poor rate during the weekend as I will be in Blekinge with crazy (read: lovable) people. But I will try though! Thanks for reading.

//c_Cae; dives into piles of paper, ironically about plants…


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