Resumed: The challenge – day 17

Day 17 – Who would you like to trade lives with for one day and why?

Why would I wanna trade that for one day? Why would I want to trade at all? I don’t see the point really. I like my life although it has its ups and downs. Who doesn’t? Sometimes it would be nice to play with that thought and dream away to escape reality but in my honest and humble opinion I do not think that is a good choice. Yes, I do have my bad days every now and then and I get sad too. But once I’m over that sadness I look for solutions to whatever is bringing me down. Problems are there for a reason and that is to be solved. I cannot see why someone would trade that knowledge that helps mold you to the perfect being you are for anything.

On the other hand, I would love to be a Cousteau for one day but I quote Phillipe Cousteau to make my point clearer: “It takes more than a birth certificate to be a Cousteau.”


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