The challenge – day 19

Day 19 – Your nickname and why

I wonder which one of my nicknames the challenge is referring to. I’ll just mention the most popular ones then.

Sakura is a nickname I don’t really have to explain, I did that in day 02 (reference link here).

China/Yellow is one that many of my girlfriends call me firstly because I am so politically incorrect I wouldn’t even mind if they called me Charlie (I’m half Vietnamese by the way). I’m not sure why they started but since alcohol was involved I’ll leave it as the mystery it is.

Cae/Caely is actually an IGN I used in an MMORPG that I played a few years back. But since my friends from that game stopped calling by my given name, I kind of adopted it in everything I do. 6 years later and I still introduce myself as Caely to new people. I love the look on their faces when I tell them that’s not my given name, priceless!


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