Where’d the food go?

Right now I’m taking a breather from my studies. Right before that I made grilled chicken with salad and tzatziki. I forgot to take a picture of the deliciousness I created because my gluttonous side just took over. When I came to, the food was gone. I have no idea what happened and since I’m still alone here, there were no witnesses. Poor food who fell victim to my gluttony.

Basically, I’m just waiting for my Dutch half to come home. I’ve been here alone for almost three hours and it’s getting so lonely. I’ve already sung my heart (and lungs) out and I feel like I want to talk to someone. Too lazy to call though. And no, I haven’t ran around naked. I’m glad I’m out of shows to watch right now. If I had something to watch, I’d probably be sitting here with a huge bowl of salad and tzatziki (yes it’s my new addiction).

//c_Cae; *eats salad thinking: die plant die!*


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