Pictures I promised

I finally took the time to upload the pictures I took from the fieldtrip to Arild, the weekend in Blekinge and the visit to the Lund Botanic Garden. Some of the pictures didn’t turn out as good as I’d hoped but what to do? I’m only using the camera on my iPhone. A 3G at that. I know. It sucks.

First up, Arild.

The Arild bus stop.

The beautiful view I fell in love with during the hours we had nothing to do.

Second, Blekinge. I’m telling you, few things are as awesome as a walk in the forest in a bikini.

I was so bored when sunbathing, I left shortly after taking this picture.

What every night looked like. Open fire and lots of alcohol (not for me though)

Finally, the Botanic Garden in Lund. I definitely recommend going there, whether or not you like plants. Place is stunning.

That is the fruit of a cacao tree (where chocolate comes from).

If you look closely, you'll see three poison dart frogs.

They also had quails! Incredibly cute. There was a fourth one, all white. But he was too fast for my camera.

Aloe vera for those who does not recognize it.

We were told not to fall on one of these. Those spikes were hard and sharp enough to be used as needles...


And for the grand finale; coffee!

Just FYI, they're seeds not beans.

//c_Cae; off to go shopping with mom


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