The challenge – day uh 24?

I kind of lost counting so I’ll just pick the one I think we’re at.

Day 24 – Talk about your family

Both my parents are alive and I have two younger siblings, one sister and one brother.
My dad is a chef and has worked at many famed restaurants in Malmö. In one of them he even made it to head chef where he and I composed the new menus. That was a breakthrough for me to do such a huge thing with my dad. I always liked cooking but my parents were always against my pursuing of a chef’s career. Cooking runs in my veins. Most my aunts are professional bakers and my granddad (mom’s dad) is famous both here in Malmö and in Vietnam. Their food is top notch; no wonder no restaurant here has ever satisfied my taste buds.

My mom used to be a banker but got into the book industry after she came here. She knows how to make books and that makes it a pain to go buy books with her. She is so picky she probably wouldn’t let me buy anything unless I was in serious need of it. No wonder I am picky too. My mom is nice company even though sometimes she can be a little too much. She’s also a good cook. Her cooking skills are almost as good as her father’s but according to herself she is light years behind him. I think that’s bullshit because no one makes better pho than my mom.

My sister is the wild and sometimes loud one. When our brother was born we were convinced we had to learn French to keep him from understanding our midnight girl talks. Thinking back, it’s cute. At first we wanted to invent our own language but got tired because we could never remember the words we made up the night before. Now she’s almost 21 and studies information technologies. What a computer geek. She’s still my baby sister though, no matter how geeky.

My brother on the other hand is your stereotype Asian guy. Okay, that’s a lie. But he is quiet and shy, never really talks unless he has to and he is definitely what every girl is looking for in a friend. Kids these days don’t know that a healthy relationship is based on friendship. On the other hand, he is ridiculously tall in comparison to the rest of the family. He’s the tiny little baby boy and although he’s 19 this summer no one really takes him for the adult individual he is. Being a funny man, it’s hard to be angry with him which is awesome. And no matter what happens, he’s the one putting up with my crazies at all times.

Beside this little family, I also have 14 cousins here in Sweden and probably as many in Vietnam and Canada. I would hate to invite everyone to a wedding. That would suck so much. What building could house all of the crazy we’d be?

//c_Cae; I was told dad had to bribe me with a huge aquarium to move in with my parents when I was four…


2 responses to “The challenge – day uh 24?

  1. Don’t know if yo’ll ever read this. I waded pretty far back in your blog untill I got to this entry, the one about your family. just what Ai needed.Caely, I’ve been stuck for what seems like forever on my blog even though I know it has only been a bit. I decided to read your since I’m not writing in mine.

    I love your world and if you’re still there when I come over for the Stockholm Open one year I’d like to meet you.

    You have a gift for writing and the gift of time. of the two, I’d take Time, but we don’t have a choice do we. Just have to make do with what we’re given.

    It’s late at night here and I have to go out into the night under the stars one more time.

    Thanks for letting me visit.



    • I feel honored to have you read and comment here. I can’t tell you through pixels how happy it makes me.
      We all suffer from dry spells but it will pass. We just have to learn how to dance in the rain right?

      I’ll be here for at least another year so I would love to meet you too! It’s not far for me to go to Stockholm from here.

      We always have a choice and I would share my time with you and everyone I care for.

      I hope the stars bring tranquility to your mind.


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