That was my exam. Wrote non-stop for a little bit more than two hours and my arm is still hurting. So for my three days “off” I’ll spend them in Småland. I’ll probably bring my laptop so I can do some reviewing and also some lab reports that need correction. Today, I’ve just spent hours (read 6 hours) playing FFXIII. 6 months of waiting left me with a horrible abstinence. I’m such an addict!

*drool* also what I look like when I can't get what I asked for

Anyway, that’s the plan at least. Now I’ll just try to correct whatever is needed on the report and then I’ll probably have to sleep. I hope I can have time to write a script for the presentation tomorrow. So much for 3 days off eh?

Oh yea, I stumbled upon this on Twitter;

well, they were kind of right...

Well, banks did fail. Food supplies are depleting. Stock markets crash (all the the time if you think about it). Telephones will cease to function (yeah, wanna use my iPhone 3G? It’ll piss you off. Guaranteed.).

//c_Cae; give extra hours please! 


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