Review weekend

I’m glad to say that I’ll be posting a few reviews this week. If everything works out as I planned I will publish one tomorrow. It’ll be posted both here and on the DigiFox Facebook page. For now I have to work on the WAA (the site is back up by the way) reviews. I had hoped to finish them tomorrow but this weekend has been too busy.

To the joy of my Dutch half, I agreed on tagging along to Småland. Finally get to meet the new people of our crew and I have to admit that it’s nice to gather people of the same mentality. Also, I kick ass in SingStar.
I must say the air here makes my skin feel a little better although the pollen allergies are less pleasant. However, it has been (and still is) great to look out the window and see trees instead of a concrete jungle. It hasn’t been that sunny this weekend which has been a pity since I was looking forward to a barbecue (so I can impress people with my cooking and baffle them with how much I can eat). There will be more chances though so I don’t bother really. It was just nice to hang out with a girl for once.

I better get to work. At times like these, I wish I got paid for the things I do. I have so many things that I do (and am good at) but they’re all free labor. I’d settle with feedback from my audience but that is still a dream. Oh! If you want a review done by me, please feel free to make a request.

//c_Cae; needs a job that pays me with those pieces of paper people call money


One response to “Review weekend

  1. Du verkar ha haft det riktigt mysigt!

    Det är alltid så i början, men så länge du vet själv att du är jävligt grym och vill nå framåt, så kommer det tillslut bli så! :)

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