What’s self control?

Right now, I have none what so ever. Tried to save my series until I had sent in my report but that plan went out the window. I think I’m too tired to focus on one thing. I am not even sure if my sentences make sense now. I’ll probably be confused for a few days. I do know where I got my confusion from. It’s definitely from my mom. When I talk to her, it’s like she confuses me on purpose and that only results in her getting confused in the process. Result? Two very confused women. Sometimes we can repeat sentences or words several times and not get each other. You’d think great minds think alike huh?

Right, self control. I told myself that I’d save the episodes and see them as rewards since I had so much that needed to be prioritized. I said that on Monday and I watched everything yesterday. BUT! Today I’m going to try harder to keep the episode of Glee until I’ve sent in the report. We’ll see how that goes.

Oh, one of the many blogs I follow are very inspiring. I tweet the author too every now and then. Since I started following this person, I always felt that this was someone similar to me. And today, I got that confirmed. I just gotta save enough dough to get my ass to the States. The people I need to visit are increasing in numbers.

Anyways, I’m gonna go shower to wake myself up. I’m refusing coffee and taurine (mostly because I think the latter is concentrated crap). Anyways, let’s hope I won’t bang my knee or other body parts when getting up.

//c_Cae; if clumsy was personified, it would be me. 


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