And a little bit of this

Thought I’d blog a little before I jump head on into the tonnes of work that I need to finish off today. I’d like to think I was smart that took naps on the bus ride home.

Was out at Revingehed (a place here known for its military base camp) to do some birdwatching and other biology stuff. I surprised myself that I knew so many bugs after just three days of the new course. I must be really smart and born to be a biologist. Just found out the grade of the poster project we managed to get together on one day and it was surprisingly good! I’m proud. I just have to nail that exam next month. I’ll post pictures of the excursion later today. I feel I have to finish some of my work before I start getting on how much fun I had today.

//c_Cae; so tired I’m hyper-active now. No caffeine cause I forgot how to use the coffee machine this morning…


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