Another Monday

A while ago I was obsessed about how many people actually read this thing. Luckily, this weekend made me realize that numbers are just numbers. It don’t matter how many people read this, most people just take a glance and with a little luck, they actually come back for more. Now I keep thinking of how many people that I inspire from here.

Checking my mail today was surprising. Just on my “junk”-mailbox, there were 7 unread messages whereof one was from here. A comment. First thing through my mind was “Please let it be someone and not a bot/spam message.” And my prayer was heard. I want to thank you by name, but I feel so much respect for you as a person that I’m not comfortable enough to call you by your first name. I feel impolite since I’m younger. I guess that’s the way I was brought up…

I had plans for Friday but it seemed like the stress accumulated from the turmoil of the past 4 months finally caught up with me. After a long day in school I was so exhausted I couldn’t even stand on my own. Being careful, I figured I’d take care of myself that day and lay all plans aside. After all, if you don’t try to keep yourself as healthy as possible, there is not much you can achieve. With that in mind, I pretty much just existed the rest of the day.

Saturday morning was a surprise as my uncle sent me a text asking if I wanted to join for a coffee in the Western Harbor. I’d love to. That coffee turned to a dinner with stories of life and jokes. I wish we all had more time so we could try meet more often than we do now. Later that evening, I decided to go watch the sunset. It was magical although it was a little cloudy. An absolutely enchanting moment although my Dutch half and I were a little bit late.

Sun setting at the Bo01 I love so much.

Yesterday was cool. Got to meet up with funny man Marcus and childhood friends Andreas and Tina. I think it’s a little sad that people get so down whenever the sun doesn’t shine. I like rain and I know many other people don’t, but that doesn’t make it necessary to be gloomy all day. Last week I thought that if I smiled more maybe the rain would go away. So far, score stands 2 to me and 0 to the rain. So smile, be your own sunshine when the sun is too tired to shine for you.

I don’t know when I started thinking about smiling so much. I guess the fact that it’s contagious that makes me want to spread it.  I mean if I smile with all my might at you, wouldn’t you smile with me?

//c_Cae; how I wish I could do so much for other people… 


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