Cottage cheese

This is interesting. We all know I’m a glutton but to have a craving for something I’ve never tasted before was new even to me. So after talking and nagging too much about it, I got my fat ass to the closest shop today and bought myself a package of cottage cheese with fruits and cashew of course. I also bought like 200g of sun flower seeds. I’ve really gotten myself entangled into having nuts and seeds in my salads. Or whatever it works with at least. I’ve also caught myself wanting muesli more and more now.

Last night was brutal. It was fun since we got to see wild animals but it was less nice because it was an evening excursion. We left Lund at 1800 and after getting lost twice, we arrived to our first pit stop where we saw some wild black deer. Too bad my iPhone camera sucks too much to take decent pictures.

Stop 1. Somewhere in this picture (I'm not sure myself) deers are grazing.

At stop no. 2; European Fire-bellied Toads. Lots of them.

Stop no.2 where we found lots of cuteness in shape of...

European tree frogs! (I'm a sucker for frogs).

A male smooth newt that we found at stop 3

When we started driving home, after releasing all the animals of course, I couldn’t help but think of My Neighbor Totoro. For those who have seen it, they know of the Neko bus. For those who haven’t; see it so I don’t have to explain it. It’s worth your time, trust me.

Bad picture but what's black is supposed to be the Scanian country side.

//c_Cae; what was the word again


2 responses to “Cottage cheese

  1. Åh, jag älskar keso ju! Det är en utmärkt källa till protein men blandar man med bär och frukt blir det ju till och med smaskigt! ;)

    • Haha det är ju du som fått mig hookad på det! Nu ska här blandas för fulla puckar ;) keso och honung nästa kanske?

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